William Diamond Junior
Fife & Drum Corps


What's involved in joining a fife & drum corps?

The members of the corps are children from Lexington and surrounding towns, ages 8-18, that participate in parades, colonial/historical, and community events. Children learn to play a fife, snare, or bass drum, and participate in the color guard at events until they have mastered their instrument of choice.

What is required?

The corps meets year round for music lessons and marching practice, on Monday evenings from 6:30- 7:30/ 8:00 in Lexington Center. Members are expected to attend on a regular basis, taking part in class without being disruptive, to practice their instrument at home, and to participate in at least a majority of corps performances. It is hard work, but lots of fun and very rewarding.

What events do they participate in?

There are roughly 20 events that the corps participates in during the year, including the Patriots Day parades, our own Lexington Muster, Bedford Pole Capping, July 4th parade Chelmsford, U.S.S. Constitution, Lincoln and Sudbury events, as well as some events in New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts. Periodically, the corps travels for large events, such as to Williamsburg, Va., and even to Switzerland!

What is the cost?

A monthly payment of $50.00 (for one child) or $75.00 (for 2 or more children) covers the uniform, except for socks and shoes. Music lessons are provided by accomplished volunteers, so there is no extra fee for music lessons. Beginners will need to expend the cost of purchasing an inexpensive fife, or ancient drumsticks and practice pad with stand, to begin lessons. There are also some personal costs associated with travel (gas, hotel/ camping, food, etc.). The corps is a non-profit organization and works to keep the costs as low as possible for the families involved.

What is the parental involvement?

Parents are expected to help out, on a volunteer basis, to organize events, coordinate things such as bake sales, and keep the children in order - generally just to help keeping things running smoothly!

Where can I obtain more information?

For an excellent introduction to our corps, and to fifing and drumming in general, contact our founding director: Carmin Calabrese at carmfifes@gmail.com

Interested in joining?

We welcome you to become acquainted with us at our next open house. These quarterly meetings serve to explain what it is to be a member of the William Diamond Juniors, and to provide an opportunity for you to observe a rehearsal in progress. Inquire by e-mail to one of the links below.

For the next step, contact:
Elizabeth Kochi at lizkochi@gmail.com
Katie O'Hare-Gibson at restkd92@verizon.net