William Diamond Junior
Fife & Drum Corps

Rules for corps members

1. Everyone should stay together as a group at all times when at an event

2. All corps members will form up immediately in their respective places in line when asked by the major. When the corps is formed up, members should be at a rest position, and be listening for further instructions.

3. Uniforms will only be worn just before performances or parades. After each performance or parade corps members are to change back into their street clothes.

4. When in uniform, drummers will have their drums and sticks in their possession at all times. When not in uniform, drums will be put in cases and returned to an assigned area.

5. Sticks are to be kept in slings or in drummer's right hand at their sides except when asked to perform.

6. Fifes should be kept in their cases except when asked to perform. If a fifer does not have a fife case, the fife should be in their right hand at their side.

7. Drums and fifes are not to be played except during performances, rehearsals, parades, or when permission is granted by one of the Directors or instructors.

8. Everyone will be in full uniform at all performances. There will be no rolled up sleeves or missing uniform parts. Members who arrive with less than a full uniform may be asked not to participate in the performance. Your uniform includes your instrument.

9. When in parade formation there will be no wiggling, turning around, or talking. Eyes are to be kept forward and all corps members and recruits are to be at attention.

10. When in parade formation only three corps members are allowed to speak. They are the fife sergeant, the drum sergeant, and the major.

11. All corps members and recruits should arrive for rehearsals on time for roll call

12. William Diamond members are responsible for learning all the music in the repertoire in a timely fashion. Instructors will determine the length of time members have to learn new music when the music is introduced at rehearsal. We recommend practicing one half hour each day to achieve this goal.

13. All senior corps members will help set an example for junior members and recruits by being responsible, mature, and respectful.

14. Senior corps members will help teach younger members when asked to do so by the Directors.

15. Corps members must attend all major corps events.